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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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I won't be forced to breed children!

Proof that happy days are right around the corner

President-elect Barack Obama is a cigarette smoker. (Honestly, I had no idea.)

Does this mean that we have finally turned the corner on health fascism? Apparently the news stories report that Obama has been nagged into swearing off cigarettes several times, and that he has always returned to smoking. It's time to end the nagging. Let that be your resolution this year.

I don't smoke regularly, and haven't for more than fifteen years. It's still a sign of lack of freedom that I feel compelled to make such a disclaimer. I still find anti-smoking more socially pernicious than the smell of cigarette smoke.

Anti-smokers are cranks and fanatics who never ought to be given the opportunity to make and enforce rules on other people. There's a local billboard that claims "second hand smoke is child abuse". Whatever else you can say about someone capable of making such a ridiculous statement, one thing seems obvious. They are clueless as to when hyperbole has gone too far. The sheer gall of such a claim is a sign of shrill and petty obsession.

I long for the return of the glorious days when cigarettes are smoked by most of the population; when they are smoked in restaurants and offices; and when anti-smokers are held by common opinion to be the pathetic twits that they are.


It's kind of a mixed bag... we are both for and against no-smoking areas, but not for the outright banning of cigarettes from entire cities, that's too much like Big Brother, and as you said.

On the other hand, our father died of COPD and emphysema contracted via secondhand smoke. One must take such things into consideration.

Also, it would be better if people would return to American Spirit-type tobacco rather than Viceroy, Luckies, Chesterfield etc.
If they figure out a way to make cigarettes only affect the people actually smoking them, I'm all for it.