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Hogarth judge

November 2018



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Hogarth judge


This image appears with dismaying regularity when I call up the Westlaw startup screen:

The MAN has the red flag, of course

By means of explanation, the red flag is a device the Westlaw legal research service uses to flag cases that have been overruled, or statutes that have been repealed, and so forth, as being no longer good law.

Of course, in this picture it is the MAN that is so flagged. Do you think it would have even passed through the creator of the ad's head to mark the woman like this?


Her hands are full.
Also, it would throw off the composition of the design to have the red on her. It goes much better with his tux.

But from an overall standpoint I see your point and agree.

(I'm only a third rate designer, but I am spending waaaaay too much of my time trying to be better.)
I was wondering what the purpose of the ad was: was it to say that marriage is obsolete, or that marriage defined as "between a man and a woman" is obsolete (in which case perhaps they should each have a flag), or that men are obsolete (perish the thought)?

Why pick on marriage or use a married couple at all? Why not, say, a bottle of ephedra? (Brief rant: I have asthma, and that stuff was a fricking godsend. But of course, we asthma patients have no voice in comparison to the Outraged Mommies of One Or Two People Who Didn't Use It Responsibly. Thank you.)
The way I read it, it was that the man had a bad history that the woman didn't know about.