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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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I won't be forced to breed children!

One conservative's case for Barack Obama


Let me begin with the observation that "morality" is just the way class warfare is done in the United States of America.

The earliest moral fusses in the USA were about things like drinking "alcohol", dancing, and playing cards. There are some God-forsaken parts of the country where prohibitions of these things have been written into the versions of folk Christianity practiced there. Of course, none of this crap is in my Bible, and it ain't in yours neither.

It has nothing to do with Christian morality. It has everything to do with the envious eyes of trash dwelling in a hovel in some dark hollow, casting envious eyes at the pastimes of the gentry on the plantation, but consoling themselves in a sullen pride that at least we ain't niggers. That envy invented these beliefs, which unfortunately persisted after the gentry themselves are mostly gone.

Attempt to muster the poor against the rich in plain English and you're some kind of commie. The other way makes you an elitist, and I am an elitist. Every conservative ought to be an elitist: if you claim to be a conservative and ain't an elitist, you're doing it wrong.

You have to invent a moral issue to do class warfare right in America. This is the secret weapon of the anti-smoking agitation. I support Barack Obama to improve the national character. And specifically, I support him as part of a broader belief that it is necessary to curtail the excessive influence that white trash have come to exercise on "conservative" politics.

White trash. Yes, this is offensive language. I use it to offend, because for the last twenty five years at least, the white trash have been calling me names. It is time to reciprocate.

Who is white trash? It isn't purely ethnic, or purely economic, either. I'm sure there are careful and decent people living in trailer parks and driving pickup trucks. There are two things that distinguish white trash from decent folk.

The first is the perennial chip on the shoulder, the sullen pride that despite their lack of achievement, at least they ain't niggers and ain't queers.

It is this chip on the shoulder that expresses itself in Confederate flags, in queer-baiting, in their evil imaginings that without firearms they aren't real men. They are warlike, for they imagine that international relations is a playground, and they want the United States to be the biggest bully there. They'd rather have international relations look like feudin' in the hills rather than a well policed community.

For the good people of this country, public expressions of patriotism are tempered with good taste. But the trash know that good taste was meant to exclude them, so to manifest good taste is to be "cosmopolitan" and disloyal. Real patriotism doesn't need a flag lapel pin.

We can respect the military while recognizing it for what it is: a necessary evil. It isn't an ideal career choice for everybody, that's for certain sure. Military service is not the highest and best form of patriotism for everyone. Nor is it an indispensible qualification for public office. In times of peace -- and we aren't really at war, either -- it offers a way for people to move up in the world. So it draws people from the lower classes. This is why homosexuals (gasp!) in the military elicit so much talk and so much bad attitude from the white trash.

Kinsey had it pegged fifty years ago. Being queer was worse than adultery or fornication. Don't be fooled by the religious dressing. It's not because of the Bible, which draws no distinctions. It's because they're afraid that being queer means you can't be a Real Man. Queers are social, and get along with each other too easily. A Real Man has a chip on his shoulder.

And we come to Sarah Palin. She's against abortion. She's against sex education in public schools, except for evangelical calls for chastity. We know they don't work. We know because her teenage daughter is pregnant as a result of fornication.

The media rightly considers this to be her family's business. In better times, it would be. We don't live in better times: we have instead endured thirty years where sexual behaviour has been one of the chief subjects of national politics. And the white trash are to blame.

Just like the perennial chip on the shoulder, this is a defining white-trash characteristic. They talk chastity and breed bastards.

And that's just a for-instance. This is the second thing that distinguishes white trash from decent folks. Their lives are lived without thought for the future. Life is what happens to them.

Talking chastity while breeding bastards isn't really even hypocrisy. They just have no heed for future plans that would be disrupted by the arrival of unwanted children. In their estimation, the future contains nothing but menial servitude, and teenage parenthood just exchanges one form of servitude for another. The anti-abortion cult is for people who have no futures to save or ruin.

Some people are naturally virtuous, in the classical American sense. These virtuous people generally marry late, and after careful thought. They have guarded their futures, and care for their childrens'. So their marriages are stable, they are careful about sex, and they don't talk much about either. They usually don't need to. And Barack Obama seems to embody these conservative virtues better than John McCain does, and it's for certain sure that he embodies them better than Sarah Palin does.

And they've traditionally been too polite to call the white trash "trash" to their faces.

But the overweening pride, moral failings, and cultural bankruptcy of the white trash have been allowed to become too influential, and the people who allowed this to happen were the ones who called themselves "conservatives" and prattled on about "traditional values", while all the time undermining them in favor of white-trash values. Courtesy has failed. And the conservative movement has failed. It's time to tell the white trash that they are trash, that they are in fact inferior, and that their opinions don't count for much.

I am a conservative: and real conservatives are elitists like me. And this is why I'm voting for Obama this year. Whatever else Obama is, he ain't one of them.



I think you summed up why I consider myself "liberal." Essentially it's my way of saying, "I'm not part of the 'moral majority.'"