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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

The Scandal of the Activist Mind - III

Some years ago, my father made a small cash donation to the Republican National Committee.

They are punishing him for his generosity. The caller ID log discloses that he receives anywhere from two to four fund raising calls from "REPUB NAT COM" a day, and usually one from "FREE ENTERP COA", whatever that is. Emails sent to the Republican National Committee, asking them for relief from this harassment, have had no effect.

Apparently the Democrats are just as punishing to their supporters. I asked.

The current point is not about the relative merits of the Republican or Democratic organizations, though. Both parties are of one mind on this, apparently.

The point is that political activism induces an ethical blind spot. There is no other explanation I can imagine for this clueless behavior. Someone's commitment to the cause is so total that they somehow cannot see that this kind of activity is inappropriate, and is likely to be resented by those who have demonstrated to be fairly faithful adherents to their causes.

Politics is bad for your mind, period. Political commitments of sufficient zeal make you a bad citizen, and it doesn't matter what the cause is. Sufficient engagement in any cause erodes the faculties of empathy that give rise to common courtesy. This transcends all political boundaries.


Emails rarely, if ever, work with such things. If you want the calls to stop, I'd recommend one of you picking up on one of these calls and telling them, point blank, to remove him from their call list, or calling the Republican National Committee and telling them you want them to stop calling. Emails are easy to ignore, and they can actually take your name off the list while you're on the phone with them and they don't have time to get distracted by other things if you're telling them you wish it done post haste.

Hope this helps.
Actually, I have done that. Has not worked yet.
:( I guess political zealouts are more difficult to shake off than regular telemarketers. If worst comes to worst, a number change is always an option. I don't think they'd charge for a number change if the reason for the change is harassing phone calls.