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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

MMOs, PvP, and Indiana Jones

Yes, I waste much of my spare time on MMOs. Age of Conan is the most recent. I didn't act in time to get into early release, so I will be there on the 20th.

I no longer spend a whole lot of time in World of Warcraft. The last couple months I played WoW, I spent much of my time in PvP on my max level main, a warrior. I tend to gravitate towards highly armored, non-stealth melee characters in all of these games. The underlying philosophy always is to minimize frustration by maximizing survivability. In City of Heroes, I play "tankers", Thing or Colossus style characters with defenses, hit points, and adequate but not top level damage.

But frankly, that character's performance in Warcraft disappointed. In PvE play, you can't really build for survivability there; the best armor in that game is rather flimsy, and offers minimal protection against the large variety of ranged exotic damage. Improvements to your character came from two directions. You could either endure raiding (instanced dungeons requiring 10, 25, or 40 players). Raids typically climax in elaborate, scripted boss encounters where the same players could take weeks mastering the specific strategies needed to survive them and kill the bosses. Frustration and blame were frequent. Casual players were not welcome.

Player vs. player was the other upgrade path. And in Warcraft, my non-stealthy melee characters tended to suffer from the "Indiana Jones" problem, a/k/a "bringing a sword to a gunfight." You know the scene. I would die over and over to god-mode mages and other ranged attackers, who could root me, kite me, and kill me while I was unable to touch them. It got to the point where that game became something to be endured for the sake of loot. It was not fun either.

This is why I may try PvP in Conan. If any game can do right by non-stealthed melee characters in PvP, you'd expect a game based on the Conan concept to succeed. Time will tell.


This isn't quite the same thing but have you tried this?


Your new header has me baffled but fascinated.