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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Texas, Ohio, Vermont: Please save us from Hillary Clinton

One other thing about Hillary Clinton. Her campaign now is apparently focusing on the notion that she is tougher and meaner than Barack Obama, and that her superior experience makes her more qualified to be President.

Whether she's tougher and meaner, I hesitate to say, even if I suspect she is right. But is her claim to more extensive experience really valid? Hillary Clinton was elected a U.S. Senator in 2000, the first elected office she ever held in her own right. Barack Obama was elected senator in 2002, so she has served longer in the US senate than he has. But prior to Obama's being elected to the US senate, he served as an Illinois state legislator, and was first elected there in 1996. Obama has held elected offices for a longer period than Clinton has, and has had a longer political career in his own right.

I saw what you did there, Mrs. Clinton. Your claim to more extensive political experience than Obama involves asking us to count your time as Wife of Bill towards the total. This ought to give rise to one of those Hmmm.... moments. One the one hand, you might have a point: being married to Bill Clinton kept you in the public eye and active in politics. And, even back in the 1990s, my recollection is that it was common knowledge that you were the brains behind that partnership. We remember how he put you in charge of the health care reform plan that went nowhere.

On the other hand, crediting you with political expertise from your unelected term as First Lady involves asking us to credit your husband's offices and achievements as your own. This somewhat undercuts the claims of some of your supporters, that Democrats should rally behind you so that we can elect the first female president. If you succeed at becoming the first female president, it will be because you asked us to count your husband's offices to your credit.

Reliving Bill Clinton's administration is not something I care to do. The two most blatant examples of political corruption in the USA — copyright extension and bankruptcy "reform" — both got started under your husband's term as President. We know you voted for the bankruptcy "reform" in 2001, and your Hollywood connections do you no favors on "intellectual property" issues. We also remember the "welfare reform" enacted under your husband's Presidency. Let's face it: Bill Clinton was a weak and ineffective President, who for six of his eight years in office was quite effectively stalemated by the Republicans, and whose administration ended up not much different than what we would have gotten under a Republican administration.