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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Ten weird things

We were tagged by ksol1460. The rules of the game are simple. We'll list ten weird things about ourselves. Then we'll tag six people, and on and on.

1. My handwriting. I invariably use þ instead of th, and often use ſ instead of s except at the end of the word, or after another ſ. I typically write -tio instead of -tion, and use é instead of ed when it appears as a verb ending. There are other abbreviations.
2. But #1 is rather moot, because most notes I make for myself are written in a complicated phonetic alphabet of my own design.
3. And I like to leave little notes in this alphabet in semi-public places, so that other folks can see them and wonder at them.
4. I cannot abide tidiness and prettification of my surroundings. If things are left lying around or on the floor close to where I left them last, I will know where they are. But if things have been "put away" and set in spurious order for appearance's sake, I will be utterly lost and unable to find anything until a decent chaos is restored.
5. I read everywhere, all the time. If deprived of reading material, I will end up reading the backs of sweetener packets at restaurants.
6. I translate odd bits of song lyrics and pop culture catchphrases into Latin in my head.
7. I cannot remember multiplication tables or similar bits of arithmetic. I have to work them out in my head from landmarks and counting.
8. I do not know "left" and "right," but I always know north and south.
9. About the only thing I watch on TV is cartoons.
10. I hear voices in my head, but it isn't some kind of psychological hallucianation, it's my mind attempting to make sense out of the noises in my sinuses.

Six victims are required, apparently: cavalorn, reddragdiva, noralise, totorojo, darkstella, eciklb


We like these fonts.

Gabe asks if you can make a Script font.

You can translate the back of the sweetener packet into Latin. While Gabe sits there listening and eating the lemon out of his tea.
Ahh! I have the reading thing too, but it's confined to bathrooms. I've been known to read shampoo bottles, and toilet paper wrappers in a pinch.
Kate from Wikipedia used to follow rules similar to #1 when typing on IRC.