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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Hawk of Lebanon

Hawk of Lebanon is a song recorded by the El Haija brothers, praising Hezbollah.

The site also offers this translation of the lyrics:

I hail thee, hawk of Lebanon
I welcome thee, Hassan Nasrallah
Here are your men, Hezbollah
Victory, victory with the help of God.
Nasrallah, this brave person
He responded to the calls to take vengeance
The Arab blood became hotter and hotter
The boldness and the courage that characterizes this battle is an Islamic courage
You can launch as many rockets as you want
But our people will never surrender
History will write your story
And God will always bless you
Your rockets in Israel all generations will talk about
And your Katyushas have scared the Zionists
Nasrallah, raise your voice
Our people are used to welcoming death
We do not want money or treasures or wealth
All we want is to live a free life
Blood only brings blood
And I hope we can destroy your life and make you worry
Zionism and Zionists are the biggest poison in Arab land

It isn't bad. Not sure if the percussion track is entirely electronic - it sounds much clearer than the vocal track - but the use of cowbell is effective, and as you know, you can never have too much cowbell.

The vocal track is rather murky, though, and sounds like it was recorded on a 1970s vintage cassette recorder. This may be intentional, or it may be because the band, living in a war zone, doesn't have access to better equipment. The mix of crowd noises doesn't really add much to the music, either.

All in all, it's rather catchy, though. If US rappers could come up with something this lively, I'd listen to more rap.