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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

A vivid dream:

Scene I

I am on the set of a soap opera. The soap opera is more brightly lit than most. The mostly female cast is a bunch of fashion models, who snort cocaine constantly, unless they are suffering from exotic diseases, as some are. I wander away from the set into a shop full of exotic beer, which I find much more interesting than the models.

Scene II

Somehow, in the beer store, I am recruited to become the warden or headmaster of some sort of prison or school for wayward superheroes. One of my charges is an angel; the angel is also a robot. The angel is being assaulted by Satan and the forces of temptation, which quite naturally leads us to a shopping mall also well stocked with exotic beers. He/I acquire the ability to sense good and evil thoughts, which are in the form of large soap bubbles; the good thoughts are pale yellow, and evil thoughts deep orange to brown. This makes me perfect to start a TV talk show giving advice, in which I use my ability to sense good and evil thoughts to read the alignments of people's romantic interest.

Scene III

Back to the prison for wayward superheroes. As warden, I get to reward some of the inmates with a visit to a brothel. All of my charges are shape shifting robots this time. This becomes a Case, as it seems that an evil school for shapeshifting robots is also going to appear at the same place. My charges, being shapeshifting robots, are able to cater to any number of tastes, and agree to pose as the prostitutes. They are all now yellow; the evil robots are blue this time. (Not orange).

I awaken as the evil robots appear.


The models from scene 1 sound like they'd be perfect for the brothel, but in any case I wanna find out what happened!
( Lemon yellow bubble ) O o .