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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Gays' secret weapon in the brouhaha over gay marriage (linkspam)

. . . (I)n the wedding marquee, had you noticed there's usually a master of ceremonies. . .

The wedding-planning business has always been open to gay people because clients care more about pure talent, hard work and imagination than sexual orientation.

The awful truth is that straight men haven't the faintest clue about fabulous. They don't understand fabulous flowers or fabulous dresses or fabulous food or fabulous invitations and fabulous party favors.

Young American women devote vast intellectual and creative energies -- not to mention family fortunes -- to the day when they can realize their overwrought delusions of being a princess.

Don't blame the girls. Fathers have cosseted their daughters and called them "princess," creating the very monsters who think nothing of a wedding that costs as much as a house.


Don't forget the mothers. A close friend of ours insisted on a small outdoor "hippie"-like wedding when his mother wanted to go ALL OUT and have a BIG DEAL. Then her second son got married. HOLY CRAP the two mothers got together. Fortunately they were both sensible and most of the food was homemade except for the rehearsal dinner, but that wedding dress must have cost a million. She looked better than Princess Diana (the English one, not the one you're thinking of).

Our same-age cousin got married. Her mother is a true daughter of HER mother, everything lavish although in perfect taste. It looked nice and not overdone, but $$$$$.

I'm afraid she's going to try to throw something similar when us and the Dudes get hitched. I think we'd better plan now and avoid the rush.