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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

R-rated Jesus

It would appear that the MPAA has chosen to give Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ an R rating for "violence."

Now, no doubt there is indeed violence in a film that features crucifixions and stonings. But to hand out an 'R' rating to a Jesus film in Latin strikes me as underlining the inherent inanity of the whole "parental guidance" ethos and the whole censorious malarkey that underlines the movie ratings system to begin with. Of the several obnoxious features of life in these States, the notion that it is possible and desirable to preserve "innocent children" from images and ideas their parents find unpleasant is one of the worst.

The problem is that nobody seems willing to contest whether this is:

* possible;
* desirable;
* any of Mom or Dad's business.

The whole load of dung needs to be called out for the crap that it is.


Yes it does. And it isn't so much they fear that children will be traumatised by violence, but that they'll go out and do the same things themselves.
The thousands of schoolyard crucifixions that have blighted the history of Christendom, committed by schoolchildren who have been exposed to this gruesome story, bear witness to the plausibility of this concern.
All the publicity, of course, does the film no harm; rather like the furor surrounding Muhammad: Messenger of God or Last Temptation of Christ. It's my impression that the Gibson film sticks rather more closely to Biblical accounts of the Passion than Scorsese's: perhaps this is part of the problem?