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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Which AD&D class are you?

You scored 70 Holy, 44 Tactful, 42 Natural, and 35 Arcane!

Hahah... I once heard you described as a paragon of chivalry and
virtue, but just because you fight (hard) for a God doesn't mean you're
virtuous in society's eyes. Especially because in this world as you
could just as easily be an anti-paladin, so don't let it get to your
head. That warning aside, you are pretty awesome... you are a knight in
the Templar style. You are almost always found riding around on a
glistening (or nightmarish, your choice) horse, with impeccibly shined
armor sparkling in the ray of sunshine that God makes sure never leaves
your side, with your sword making neatly coreographed swishing motions,
and caught amongst a cloud of blood and bits of non-believers that
splatters everything 10 yards around you save your armor and your
achingly-white-toothed fanatic smile. Is there any creature of God more
dangerous than the single-minded paladin riding around, smiting
everything it sees?.... Thank God (most of) you are on our side. No,

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 82% on Godliness
You scored higher than 58% on Tact
You scored higher than 10% on Harmony
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You scored higher than 39% on Arcane
Link: The Which D & D Class am I Test written by effataigus on Ok Cupid


It told me I was a "rogue", with almost 0 godliness and 99% of each of the rest of the qualities.

Well, hey, Second Uncle did come out of hiding, and Grignr was perfectly okay after he rested up a little....