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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

More dreams

A number of vivid dreams to report:


I am in a heavily wooded college campus. The campus is no place in particular, but seems overgrown with juniper bushes and other vegetation, while the buildings themselves are brick and bare concrete buildings in the 1960s bas-moderne rectangular style. I am assisting animal rights activists to establish a pirate TV station. The pirate TV station broadcasts talking animal cartoons about conservation and such. One is narrated by a goldfish sized blue whale, with typically cartoony bug eyes.

My role in this enterprise is to keep the antenna aloft. The antenna is a box kite strung together with thin copper wire, and whose string is also copper wire. I built the antenna myself, and now must fly the kite to enable the station to broadcast.


I am in a bookstore that is vaguely New Agey. I see that they offer herbal extracts and essences for sale, so I request some essence of wormwood. Wormwood, it seems, is freshly pressed and made at the store itself. So I order some wormwood extract. They freshly make their own wormwood extract, and it is available in a minute.

In the meantime, there is some kind of patriotic parade going on outside. It is very loosely organized; from time to time a marching band fires up, while in the meantime I am able to wander a wooded park, among the various bands and floats. It appears this area is the staging and marshalling area.

I return to the bookstore. My wormwood order is ready, only it has been made into a fizzy soft drink with little specks of greenery at the top. I tell them no, this isn't what I wanted, I wanted straight fluid extract of wormwood. They go to remake the stuff in my presence. The wormwood comes out of a Petri dish and looks like alfalfa sprouts. They make theirs by putting these wormwood sprouts into a tiny juice press. They begin to fill a small vial with wormwood squeezings. It is about this time I notice that I am wearing no underpants or pants.


I am somehow involved in the making of an afterschool special TV programme of the sort that ran in the 1970s. The topic of the show is eternal damnation. Demons are portrayed by various hand puppets that somehow magically come to life. The climax of the show, that I am now apparently participating in, involves running down a long corridor paved with constantly moving stones with nonsensical Latin inscriptions on them. I and a large crowd of other people are racing down the corridor; some sort of prize awaits us at the bottom. The stones of the corridor are moving; occasionally someone fails to step on one and falls into the flames of Hell.


Ah, sorry about the wormwood there...
If I remember correctly --- with dreams it's hard to tell --- I tasted the wormwood soft drink, and it tasted mostly like horehound flavoured soda. Not bad, really.

There's an ad running that talks about "horehound soup." Never heard of horehound soup, though I have had, and liked, horehound candy.
Horehound soda. Have to remember that next time we get sick.