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Hogarth judge

November 2018



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right in there

I fear I may have broken a tooth somehow....

I'm not in particular agony from it, but I can feel it when I chew on it. Will proceed with extreme caution for now. The slight pain might help me eat less. I suppose that at some point I will be made to do the white middle class thing and show it to a dentist, who will prescribe horrific and agonizing treatments for a minor problem. But right now the tooth is causing me far, far less distress than the prospect of being operated on while conscious.

Why don't dentists use real anesthesia any more? My understanding is that they pioneered its invention. As far as I'm concerned, if anybody is going to be whittling on my teeth I need to be out cold. I have never had the sort of mouth pain that made me long for the drill as the lesser evil, and frankly I can't imagine that I ever will.

I blame the dental morality. Part of the reason why I have such contempt for the medical morality is that I was exposed first to the dental morality, which casts light on how silly all of them are. You see, the dental morality reduces all of life's rich pageant to the effect it might have on your teeth. Virtuous acts involve spending time fussing at your teeth. Vices are things like candy and ice cream that may do them harm. Even at the age of five, I saw clearly that this was a crabbed and cramped view of the world.

At any rate, moralities require punishments. This is why I figure the dental profession has abandoned real anesthetic. You must suffer for your transgressions against your teeth. Since I'm pretty sure the tooth is cracked, I hope it can be over with in ten seconds with the pliers, rather than the drills and saws. I will not want a root canal; I'm fairly sure I will not survive it.

Then there's the tragicomedy of the DNR order for the dentist's chair, which I always insist on, to strange reactions. I feel my death might actually have meaning if I become a casualty of the dentist's weapons, morality, and cruel refusal to use real anesthetics.

But seriously.... Is there a reason why dentists don't use real anesthetics? A reason they insist on performing surgery on you while you are conscious, other than to punish moral violations?


dunno about where you are, but they can use anaesthetic here, and do if you are phobic. harder to get on the NHS, but pretty damn easy to get if you pay for dental care.
The most anyone is willing to do locally is valium and nitrous, and those leave me fully aware of what's happening.