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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Yet another Firefox warning: avoid version 29

Firefox updates act more and more like malware. Downloading a "version 29" update that added a bunch of jokers to Firefox. My QuickJava toolbar vanished, and had to be restored by yet another addon. My theme that had all of the various toolbars displaying text alone was scrapped. I had to install two more addons to restore functionality that I used to take for granted, and even so, it isn't back to how it was.

Removing the option to be rid of Javascript was apparently only the start of Firefox deciding to take matters out of my hands. I'd move to Chrome except that I need the functionality of Linky and Bazzacuda, and am not sure that anything there is comparable.

Pale Moon Firefox clone:


Install older version of Firefox:



We don't use any of that stuff, so when we installed 29 it seemed to be okay except for the way you customize the toolbars now. It was EXTREMELY confusing and the title bar disappeared by default, leaving us with not clue one how to put it back on. Took us about forty minutes to track it down.
The hell we don't. What about that stuff with the add-on bar at the bottom disappearing? A person has to download and install an extra plug-in just to have an add-on bar to display the weather forecast plug-in? Fie. Fie, I say.
I've moved on to Pale Moon now; I'm somewhat leery of just running an old Firefox, but Pale Moon seems to be a lot more responsive because of all of the junk I don't use that it omits.