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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Wonder Woman has apparently been cast by Warner/DC

Her name is Gal Gadot.  She's Israeli, where she was a physical trainer in the Israeli army. 

Gal Godot

Somebody buy her a steak and egg breakfast.  She has acting experience, bit parts in the Fast and Furious films, apparently; never seen them.  As someone with some experience in physical training, I gather she understands the task before her if she wants to fill the suit.  She does not seem obviously bad for the part, which is a plus.

My misgivings are less about her, and more about Warner/DC, which has proven again and again that the current people in charge are clueless as to how to treat the national treasures they control.  Man of Steel was as solemn and joyless as most Batman pictures are.  Marvel/Disney has recently made probably the two best superhero films ever made -- Avengers and Captain America -- and they understand something that's eluded DC so far.  Marvel/Disney's best films are all about, "here are our characters, being awesome".  Warner/DC is still stuck on "this is why it sucks to be that guy".  This is where MoS went wrong.

A Wonder Woman movie appearance that gets stuck on "it sucks to be Wonder Woman" will fail as hard as the current Wonder Woman comic book fails, for the same reason.  I no longer trust Warner/DC to be smart enough not to do this.


Curious, because it used to be Marvel that were all about "it sucks to be a superhero, here is why" and DC that was enthusiastic and celebratory.

Then again, the Powers That Be aren't The Powers That Were. And none have ever really known what to do with Her Highness since Marston died.

Anyway, aside from needing a few pounds on her, she seems reasonable enough. At least they had the good sense to cast a Mediterranean. (I'd like to see her in a reasonable, non-Eschergirls posture.)

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What do you think?

A friend writes:

"I do agree that DC hasn't known for years what to do with Diana. For a while, George Perez showed them the way to go and some of those who followed kept her on the right path. Then, whenever a new creative team came on, she went in a different direction.

"Her current version following the big DC reboot of 2011 has kept to the same track. I know you have problems with it, but I personally have liked it. The gods of Olympus were not nice people, and this series acknowledges that."

Re: What do you think?

Some might have enjoyed Man of Steel; I didn't particularly. But I suspect that it made Superman fans out of far fewer people than Captain America and The Avengers did for those characters.

Batman is an exception. His movies are dark -- and they ought to be -- but Batman almost always gets to be awesome in them, even if it still sucks to be Batman. But Man of Steel is not about how Superman is awesome. Instead, it's about how Superman fails to save Pa Kent, about how Superman fails to save lives without killing. Its message is exactly backwards: even if Superman has all of these awesome powers, it still sucks to be Superman. And nobody's going to leave a movie like that a new fan of the character.

DC is even more clueless with Wonder Woman: her current comic book is nothing but how bad it sucks to be Wonder Woman. That disgraceful, disgusting, and disrespectful book should end Brian Azzarello's career; unfortunately it probably will not. (I still can't imagine the fans of any other character reacting well to an announcement that Azzarello has been chosen to write them, not after that.)

I am seriously concerned that the rumor mill apparently has the new movie's theme as Batman versus Superman. If Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in a Frank Miller (spit!) inspired story, it will not go well with her.

But until Warner/DC gets this crap out of their system, they will never make a movie halfway as good as Marvel/Disney has.

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Re: What do you think?

I'm inclined to agree with you on all counts. I don't know jack shit about The Avengers, but I found myself enjoying the movie somewhat just for the acting, the storyline held my attention and there were a few impressive moments.

I don't know, though, I keep looking at this woman and thinking "why on earth wasn't she cast as The Cheetah? She'd have been perfect."

Re: What do you think?

Go watch Captain America, if you haven't; you won't regret it. Disney/Marvel's movie universe is actually better than the comic books are; more coherent, at any rate, and with more likeable versions of the characters. (I can't stand comic book Iron Man.)

The general higher quality of Marvel's movies is partly the result of necessity; they sold off all of the X-Men rights to Sony, which means that Wolverine can't appear in them. They don't own movie Spider-Man either. They've instead built around Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and Hulk.