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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Notes on Cant VI

Do we even have a label for the lionization of women perpetrators of domestic violence against men?

It does seem that the culture tends to assume in these situations that "he deserved it". We even praise the woman for "standing up to him." Unlike most self-serving declarations from accused criminals, her protestations of self-defense have automatic credibility. Male victims in this situation, by contrast, are assumed to be both pathetic, and guilty themselves.

Remember how people rallied around Lorena Bobbitt? and how easy she got off? She had neither celebrity nor money nor athletics going for her, either.

Now, I don't have any problem with this phenomenon, whatever you call it. (If I did, somebody would hit me!) It may not be fair to the men involved, but something more important is at stake. People accused of crimes by the State deserve the benefit of every doubt and every break in their favor. That's quite a bit more important than institutionalized sexism, whether you realize it or not.


A lot of men as well as women snickered over the Bobbitt thing. Partly because it was one of those tabloid stories, almost like reality-tv today, ha ha let's laugh at the "trailer trash". It was like a forerunner of what you see in the comments section of practically every online news story today.

Well, hell, I thought it was disgusting. "The Burning Bed" was one thing, she was convinced he was going to kill her, and he might have done, but that was an isolated case.

I snickered at it too. Hell, it was funny. And I went along with the whole business about the male victims of domestic violence probably deserved it, too.

Never gave it much thought until the whole 'rape culture' meme blew in, and then ...