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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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right in there


WM wrote:

I've already made it a point to always chose the non-organic alternative when organic stuff is marketed along side and to avoid as much as possible foods that are hailed as "good for you".
"Organic" isn't good for you; it's just smaller, more expensive, and lower quality. It's another version of austerity as conspicuous consumption, like driving a Prius.

Which isn't saying that its buyers won't ascribe bizarre virtues to it. This has been going on since the days of Graham's crackers and Kellogg's Battle Creek sanitarium. They have to imagine that they're getting something out of it. Without this the smugness that is the true goal is not achieved.


Um... I used to think organic being better was bullshit. I have a friend who buys organic regularly, and when I tried his food, I knew I had been sorely mistaken. Wal-Mart's tomatoes taste like chemicals and cardboard, whereas the organic tomatoes I can get at the local health food store here actually taste like tomatoes. It's not something that's just in my head, I know what a tomato is supposed to taste like as my family used to grow them. And it's not just the tomatoes; potatoes, mushrooms, pears- all better organic. There is a marked difference between organic and non-organic, at least in this area.
I can't afford to subscribe to this view. I have had too many reactions (allergic and otherwise) to the additives in non-organic food not to choose organic when it is available. It has nothing to do with smugness, it has to do with my health. And I'm with Nephyr on the quality; I was raised on an organic farm, and I can taste the difference.