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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Cigarettes. . . .

The Immigrant: Is he an acquisition or a detriment?

The Immigrant: Is he an acquisition or a detriment

Note the uniformed figure on the right, apparently a health official of some kind, carrying what's either a bug-spray pump or a giant syringe. His worry: "he brings disease."

"Health" and bigotry go had in hand, because all of the worst forms of bigotry attempt to mobilize the instinct of contamination avoidance. The idea is to portray certain of your neighbors as carriers and sources of disease, so that touching them or being close to them is disgusting and frightening.

The Irish were thought to bring cholera. Poor Southern whites have lice and worms. The Chinese brought drug addiction, and so did the Mexicans. Hispanics brought yellow fever. And now, of course, we have "secondhand smoke" and campaigns to turn smokers into lepers. And the worst thing is that the fanatics who start these campaigns of hate think they're doing us all a favor.


(Putting aside the fact that when the Anglos came here they really did bring things like smallpox and measles a lot of Indians died from; I mean it does happen)

I see exactly what you're saying. But I'd have to see actual proof that secondhand smoke doesn't cause COPD or other breathing problems.

Like maybe Dad's COPD and emphysema were caused by something else, and they just thought it was secondhand smoke. The thing is, if it was something else in the environment why didn't my stepmother get sick.

And now for something completely insane

Talking about "activists", what about these guys: