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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

To the Democrats

I suppose it's time to start planning a strategy for the Democrats to try and recoup their losses this round. The conventional wisdom for the past twenty years is that if the Republicans are winning elections, the Democrats must become more like them.

The Democrats must vote for the 2005 war resolution against Syria; the 2006 war resolution against Iran; and the November 2007 invasion of Siberia. Wouldn't want to appear unpatriotic, would you? Bear in mind that any criticism of a military policy is a smear against the honour of the boys in the field. After all, the Commander in Chief is "troops" too. Be sure also to support the revival of the draft when it comes.

Next time around, all of these votes will make it much easier to explain to the American people why you are that much more qualified to lead them than the Republicans are.

The short term has always had a fatal attraction to Americans of either stripe. The Democratic Leadership Council, determined to make the Democrats into Republican Lite, is the millstone around the neck of the Democratic party. The Republicans have no comparable institution, because while what the Republicans stand for may be abhorrent, they actually do stand for it.

Getting people who are not identified as Republicans in power is more important to the DLC than what the candidates actually stand for. They believe they can get more nominal Democrats elected by muting the message. They are the reason debate seemed so anemic in this election, and the big issues were not addressed; even the debates seemed to zero in on petty issues rather than broad philosophies. They are the reason Kerry seemed no Lincoln, even if he had the look. They are the reason the crop of Democrat candidates seemed uninspiring and uninspired.

If you stand for something, the Republicans will call you "liberal," but if you stand for nothing, the Republicans will call you a spineless flip flopper. There is no advantage to following these folks' advice. At least in folklore, Americans like people who stick to their guns. It might be worth a try, since the other tack does not work.


My prediction: George's second term will feature an all-out effort to pass the Schwarzenegger Amendment in time for 2008. Arnie will be appallingly electable and win by a landslide.

I think that's the problem....

We're voting for different people. When I vote for president, I vote for the guy I actually want to run the country. When everybody else votes for president, they vote for who they likethe most!

Silly me. Should we run Jon Stewart, George Carlin or Lewis Black next time?