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Hogarth judge

November 2018



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Hogarth judge

The voting so far

Cavalorn wrote an entry complaining about a Guardian piece in which Guardian readers were invited to write to Ohio voters in the USA urging them to vote against George W. Bush. This scheme struck me as well as certain to backfire. I was so bemused by its cluelessness that I wrote a Kuro5hin story about it, which was posted late yesterday.

I attached a poll to the K5 story asking:

If the election for the next monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain were held today, I would vote for:

You may vote in the poll if you have a k5 account.

Leading the pack, as I suspected, was the choice:

1. I thought we were an autonomous collective 51 votes - 27 %

Runners up:

2. Ozzy Osbourne 31 votes - 16 %
3. Yusuf Islam 24 votes - 12 %

(I.e. the terrorist, Cat Stevens.)

4. One of the Spice Girls 16 votes - 8 %

(Should the Spice Girl vote be split? If so, how many ways?)

5. Someone else entirely 13 votes - 6 %

(Suggestions mooted so far include Keith Richards, Princess Di, and "Anyone from Ireland.")

6. David Beckham 11 votes - 5 %
7. Robin Hood 10 votes - 5 %
8. Bonnie Prince Charlie 6 votes - 3 %

9. (tie) Elizabeth II 5 votes - 2 % (incumbent); William the Conqueror 5 votes - 2 %; The Sheriff of Nottingham 5 votes - 2 %

(Good to see that Robin Hood outpolls the Sheriff of Nottingham by two to one.)

12. (tie) Richard the Lionhearted 4 votes - 2 %; Andrew Eldritch 4 votes - 2 %
14. High John the Conqueroo 2 votes - 1 %
15. Prince Charles (designated successor) 1 vote - 0 %

Well, there you have it. If the UK does not become a republic, it looks like Ozzy Osbourne should be the next king. The current incumbent is tied for ninth place with the Sheriff of Notthingham. The Prince of Wales is outpolled by a plant.


'Sé mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear
'Sé mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear.
Suan na sian nm bhfuaireas fiin
O chuaigh in gciin mo Ghile Mear.