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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Heresy hunt

What a bloody fool

Richard Dawkins wrote:

Imagine, with John Lennon, a world with no religion. Imagine no suicide bombers, no 9/11, no 7/7, no Crusades, no witch-hunts, no Gunpowder Plot, no Indian partition, no Israeli/Palestinian wars, no Serb/Croat/Muslim massacres, no persecution of Jews as 'Christ-killers', no Northern Ireland 'troubles', no 'honour killings', no shiny-suited bouffant-haired televangelists fleecing gullible people of their money ('God wants you to give till it hurts'). Imagine no Taliban to blow up ancient statues, no public beheadings of blasphemers, no flogging of female skin for the crime of showing an inch of it.

The God Delusion - preface

What a bloody fool. For an evolutionary biologist, he doesn't know much about Homo sapiens.


As far as I can tell, he says rotten things done in the name of God means that there isn't any God or that we should eliminate the idea of God. I always thought, it's not God, its his fucking fan clubs that are the problem. And I am sure that if we didn't have the ideas of God and religion, people would do that shit over something else!

Andy says: If we were to imagine a world without religion, then of course the Taliban wouldn't have blown up the ancient statues because they were BUDDHA statues and wouldn't have existed in the first place.


suck pole, when they could be eating tasting animals (Peta). . . like the vegetarian cutie I am. . . lets end this war. . . GO USA
Instead, they'd get blown up because they were the totems of a hostile tribe.

I guess the extent

that some losers will go through just to end their own life. . .
kind of like jesus christ did thousands of years ago. . .
jesus forgives u people
quit hurting our soldiers
they are there so you can sign a fucking treaty
grow a new one and stay inside if you don't like the outdoors

Re: I guess the extent

and btw jesus was not a loser- he lost his life to save all from eternal damnation. . . God Bless him. That is what Jesus Christ means. . .