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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

Holiday music mix disc - 2010 edition

If you've followed this for a few years, you know: in lieu of Christmas cards I send out mix disks. These will contain a mix of holiday and non-holiday music, because I find a steady diet of Xmas music uncut grows cloying and oppressive. I had to get an especially early start this year, because we're doing Christmas over the Thanksgiving weekend this year to accomodate my sister's schedule.

1. Nu är det jul igen - Swedish traditional
2. Good Times - The Easybeats
3. Morning Way - Trader Horne
4. Heart Paper Lover - Marissa Nadler
5. Det hev ei rose sprunge - Helene Bøksle
6. Game On - Felicia Day
7. Alone and Forsaken - Neil Young and Dave Matthews
8. Latawce - Zywiolak
9. What'cha gonna do when your baby leaves you - Dusty Springfield
10. Räven raskar över isen - Swedish traditional
11. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down - Robert Plant
12. Roll Out the Barrel - Andrews Sisters
13. Christmas is now drawing near
14. Nothing but the Water - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
15. Italian Lesson - Brak
16. Winter is Blue - Vashti Bunyan
17. The Sea Angler - Faith and the Muse
18. O helga natt - Helene Bøksle
19. I Don't Mind Failing - Malvina Reynolds
20. Stella Splendens in Monte - Oni Wytars


That sounds awesome. We are STILL working on ours of course.
My snail mail versions may be late as well. Everything's covered with ice and I'm wary of walking to the post office.
Got it.

On track 13 is that Coil? My god, we're using that next year.