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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Hogarth judge

The easiest prediction I've ever made.

The USA has over my lifetime slowly started spinning into ungovernability. The Republicans and the Democrats claim that the other fellow broke the economy; vote for us, we'll fix it.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans broke the economy. The US government is a vassal of its economic masters, and lacks sovereignty over the economy. The buck no longer stops anywhere in Washington, at least not with any elected official. The people who own the USA broke it all by themselves with their greed and speculation.

You could blame the government for failing to impose probity and restraint on financial markets. Unfortunately, the US government lacks the power to do that. Obama agreed to continue the bailout under representations that it would get Looked At afterwards. When the time came for the other shoe to drop, he found instead that he lacked the power and the political will to do anything that the government's owners opposed. The owners of America said no. They took the money and ran, because that's what they do.

Very simply, the government of the United States is a glorified student council. They get to vote on the theme for this year's prom. They do not get to hire and fire the principal or choose the curriculum. Their ability to act is circumscribed by the people who are actually in charge, and that ain't you or me.

The future history of US politics is easy to predict. Within two or four years, there will be as great a fury against the Republicans as there was two years ago. They didn't fix anything either; they can't.

The two parties will take turns, each becoming the target of the voters' wrath the next cycle. The US government no longer is sovereign and cannot act against the interests of the people who pay for the political campaigns. Neither will achieve anything; they can't.

And the press, similarly owned, will keep people scared about imaginary threats to the Darling Children. They will pretend that these "values issues" rather than the question of who owns America are the important issues worth talking about.


..... Good night and good luck.

Seriously, this sounds so much like what Olbermann's been saying that I want to send him a copy.
Be my guest, of course.