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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Cigarettes. . . .

Time to make September 11 a legal holiday.

It's probably the shortest way to preventing the abuse of the anniversary to stir up hatred. The end of summer is a significant enough event, bittersweet like the best of holidays, that we can stand two long weekends in a row here.

And does anybody really think about labor on Labor Day? Does anyone spend Memorial Day contemplating the Union dead and Confederate treason? I hate the South more than most folks, but I'm still not going to waste Memorial Day on that hate.

Whatever political, polemic, or hostile motives existed for these observances has been entirely leached away. Instead, at least those people lucky enough not to be in retail are simply grateful for a partial furlough from their miserable jobs, too busy celebrating that fact to dwell on the political or social events these observances supposedly commemorate.

The feebs claim that "everything changed" on Sept. 11, 2001. To try to specify exactly how --- now that would be telling. Still, we're supposed to knuckle down and get on with the business of serious revenge against somebody, anybody, doesn't matter who. They're not going to give up the power of that mystery easily.

But by making September 11 a U.S. holiday, we're theoretically telling them that this observance is of the highest importance. But in fact, we're leaching it of whatever vague but hostile meaning they want to hang on it. It will become another day to rest from labor. We'll show them nothing really changed. People hated us abroad before; they still do. Big fucking deal. Let's party.


On CNN today I heard someone call it Responders Day. Apparently the cops, firefighters and EMTs throw a celebration in memory of same. Let's stop calling it Patriot Day, that's dumb and anyway that's July 4.

Around here, we like to eat Middle Eastern food and go to the Middle Eastern grocery and plunk coins in the collection box to raise money to spruce up the Islamic cultural center/mosque/school that has been here forever with no problems. So there.
If they build that Islamic center the only thing that's going to happen is a bunch of really good restaurants will open up next door.

"No bombs -- just cookies!" Maz Jobrani

Bluejay Hussein Young