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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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Cigarettes. . . .

History's most successful pervs

Who are History's most successful pervs? No doubt Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and the Marquis de Sade should rank very highly. They left their kinks as words in the English language. On the other hand, their fiction is not really all that widely read.

For the number two slot, I'd pick William Moulton Marston. He had a serious kink for bondage, and his view of love was all about dominance and submission. From these kinks, he created the iconic superhero, Wonder Woman.

But number one? Robert Graves. Like Marston, he wanted women to dominate him. But while Marston only turned his mistress into a superhero, Graves literally deified his. And when I say "literally", I mean "literally" literally. Graves cast Laura Riding, his longtime mistress, in the role of the White Goddess, alluring but fickle, cruel, and hungry for sacrifice.

And Graves re-interpreted Celtic mythology and Greek mythology in light of his personal mythology, which he invented from whole cloth out of the things that turned him on. Graves's goddess became an actual deity for Wiccans and other neo-pagans. Graves's goddess became one of the stock tropes of fantasy literature forward; almost any literary goddess, priestess, or witch will have at least a hint of Graves's invented mythology about her. This is the most deeply embedded private fantasy I know of.


Urk -- I'm compelled to obey!

That was always one of our favorite WW stories -- her first encounter with the Eveland women following this session with her young sisters on Paradise. Curiously enough, we never thought twice about the bondage stuff. Superheroes are always getting tied up and escaping. And "don't let men chain your bracelets together" was clearly code for never letting men fool you with their masculine wiles. This was when all we knew of Golden Age WW were the Gloria Steinem reprints and the giant collectors' edition ones DC used to put out that you can never find any more.

We always felt he should have shown more men getting tied up by women to experience Loving Submission!

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because we paid less attention to the picture you have, than to the one that followed it:

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We didn't know about this until later.

She said, while dressed in an outfit based on the American flag. Betcha didn't know the South won the Civil War!
Yeah... Marston could be fairly explicit at times about his ideas about the relationship between the sexes. To Marston there was no contradiction between being pure of heart and being a dominatrix, which is what makes his vision unique and hard to duplicate today.

The influence of Graves is subtler, but probably much more pervasive, which is why I thought he made an interesting contrast.

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We need to read his stuff more carefully. We've barely skimmed it.

And here's that panel again, because somehow it got deleted:

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