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Hogarth judge

February 2018



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St Camillo de Lelis

Funeral Planning Declaration

Indiana has recently adopted a statute (Ind. Code 29-2-19-1 et. seq) that allows for a funeral planning declaration to be made, with similar formalities as a living will, that sets forth arrangements for a funeral.

Since these things are most effective the more people likely to survive me know what's in them --

I, being at least eighteen (18) years of age and of sound mind, willfully and voluntarily make known my instructions concerning funeral services, ceremonies, and the disposition of my remains after my death.

I hereby declare and direct that after my death the following actions be taken

(1) My body shall be:

Donated to medical or forensic science. I have made the necessary arrangements with Indiana University School of Medicine. If that is logistically impossible any local institution with a use for it may have it.

I have made an organ donation. If as a result of the harvest of organs my body is unsuited for these purposes I direct that my remains be cremated and my ashes scattered.

(2) My arrangements shall be made as follows:

(A) I direct that no funeral service be conducted.

(B) I direct that the following ceremonial arrangements be made:

None whatsoever.

Please do not make my final act a violation of the Golden Rule. It is my specific wish that my death not intrude on the lives of the living in any way. I do not want anyone to imagine that they have an even informal duty to visit or view my corpse, attend a gathering in my memory, or imagine that they are somehow disrespectful to my memory by not being there. In life, I disliked the obligation and intrusion of such things, so let my death be the occasion for no such thing.

(C) I direct the selection of a grave memorial that:

None whatsoever.

No one need ever visit my grave. To that end, I wish no monument at all.
My estate will not be liable for the purchase of any such thing.

(D) I direct that the following merchandise and other property be selected for the disposition of my remains, my funeral or other ceremonial arrangements:

None whatsoever, except as may be required by law.

I direct and charge my survivors that no clothing shall be wasted on my corpse, and no cosmetics applied to it.

My corpse shall not be put on display, except for the educational and scientific purposes set out above. My estate will not be liable for payment for any such treatment, goods, or services.
No one need purchase flowers or make charitable donations in my memory.

(3) In addition to the instructions listed above, I request the following:

I ask that no notice of my death be published in a newspaper until after my corpse has been disposed of in accordance with these instructions.

No additional text for an obituary shall be purchased on my behalf. My estate will not be liable for any such purchase.

(4) If it is impossible to make an arrangement specified in subdivisions (1) through (3) because:

(A) a funeral home or other service provider is out of business, impossible to locate, or otherwise unable to provide the specified service; or

(B) the specified arrangement is impossible, impractical, or illegal;

I direct my designee to make alternate arrangements to the best of the designee's ability.

It is my intention that this declaration be honored by my family and others as the final expression of my intentions concerning my funeral and the disposition of my body after my death. I understand the full import of this declaration.