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Hogarth judge

December 2016

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Hogarth judge

Sovereignty, and politicians who "create jobs"

According to Wikipedia, sovereignty is "the exclusive right to have complete control over an area of governance, people, or oneself. A sovereign is the supreme lawmaking authority, subject to no other . . . In constitutional and international law, the concept also pertains to a government possessing full control over its own affairs within a territorial or geographical area or limit ..."

Now, in political campaign season, politicians like to claim that they "created jobs" or "brought jobs to" the territory they ostensibly govern. What this typically means is that they arranged for businesses to locate or relocate into their territories, where they could employ the constituents. Politicians and governments compete for "jobs" against other politicians and governments who wish to lure businesses elsewhere. They do so by promoting favourable regulatory environments and offering businesses tax concessions and exemptions from the general laws.

Are governments who compete in a marketplace in this manner actually sovereign? Are they a "supreme lawmaking authority?" Does a government subject to these contingencies actually possess "full control over its own affairs?" It seems to me that the US government needs to regain its sovereignty; and that the process of doing so may be at least temporarily economically painful. And since sacrifice for the public good is foreign to the American character, it will not happen so.