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Hogarth judge

December 2016

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Hogarth judge

It's the Jesus of Steel!

If you are a comic book geek, you may remember Rob Liefeld, the 80s wunderkind artist who helped launch Image Comics, and more or less defined their house art style.

Take a look at this preview from his latest project, Godyssey:

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4, 5
Page 6
Page 7

You will either laugh yourself into a puddle on the floor, or you will bust a blood vessel with anger.

The main reason I can't get all that upset:

he hast bested Hercules. . . .
. . . why dost he. . .
Does Thee. . . .
. . . thee who covets . . .

If thou can't tell why this is wrong, wrong, wrong --- wrong like unto the sound of squeaky styrofoam as it squeakest --- ye hast no business trying to write therewithly. Verily, dude.


He lost me when he put the nails through the palms. I mean, really.

WTF. W.T.F. bwahahaha.

was getting a broke student to proofread it too expensive, or what?
I thought it was cute rather. I could have stood for the Greek goddesses to each have different appearances -- but maybe that's supposed to be part of the point.
I mentioned this was Rob Liefeld, dinn'I? The man has never come within 500 yards of a live model.
Ahha. That explains it all.