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Hogarth judge

December 2016

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Heresy hunt

'Innocence of Muslims'. Bitches, please......

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to find this hilarious. Yes, of course, it's offensive and blasphemous to Muslims: you're being trolled here. But it's blasphemy that's been dubbed into what has to be the worst low-budget sword and sandal film ever made. And bad sword and sandal films are something I have always found very, very funny.

Trust me: when the subject is bad sword and sandal films, you're dealing with a fan whose experience in the genre is extensive. This is a perfect example. The pasted on beards are adorable! I've seen fan films with better production values than this. The overdubbing is painfully obvious, and that too is something that adds panache to a bad sword and sandal film.

God wants you to laugh at this. It's too funny not to.

Again: you are being trolled here. While the film insults Muhammad, that is a means to its real end. The entire point is to rile and spook the Muslim world. To fill the 24 hour cable news screens with images of Muslim unrest. To tell Americans that Muslims are scary, violent people they need to be afraid of. You're being used here. It isn't even about you, it's entirely about U.S. politics, and you're only helping the bad guys here if you rise to it.