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Hogarth judge

December 2016

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St Camillo de Lelis

Exeunt omnes

The entire ideology of public-healthism seems to me to show a basic lack of charity. It tells the sick and suffering that it's all your fault. You didn't live right. Now you're paying for it. And I get to be angry at you for it, because I am being taxed for your failure to shape up. I cannot reconcile this belief system with the most basic Gospel duty.

With a small number of exceptions not relevant here, everybody dies. And everybody dies "of" something. "Cancer" is old age. "Heart disease" is old age. It's not a matter of them not being old age; it's just that science has that many pigeonholes to identify which organ or system gave out first. It may be the case that your genes have programmed you to die at 45. Once you pass childbearing age, you're invisible to Darwin. And for someone confronting the terrors of the end of life at 45, we have more important and less rude things to tell them than "you might have lasted longer if you'd taken up jogging."


Tell that to our worse than useless piece of shit so-called Congressman out here. In fact, I'd mail him a copy of what you just said, except he never listens, he just sends me more of his prepackaged crap. I am going to work for his opponent.