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Hogarth judge

December 2017



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Shock and Awe

Strunk and White wept

This site collects lovely examples of unintelligible prose talking about art. Ah, the twentieth century, and its contemporary echoes! Who did they think they were fooling?

"The crystal butt plug platter, stretched urinal/double glory hole, and stainless steel liquor sets each reveal the sexual charge of class consciousness."

"Motifs repeatedly hint at acts of subversion, fictions half-uttered as if time had momentarily stopped, the present dissolving."

"Cathy Wilkes’s sculptural installations tend to claim sovereignty over the spaces they occupy. Her sprawling, unanchored constellations––often involving minute objects––have rendered her work vulnerable to disruption and instilled a sense of anxiety that has become a signature theme."

"At first glance this is merely a further example of the Rancierian move par excellance: the repositioning of the radical or the disruptive as definitive - thus all politics is radical politics, all art the ‘redistribution of the sensible,’ and so on. Yet he proceeds to lay out an entire taxonomy of ‘image-ness,’ setting aside no special distinction for the moving image beyond, perhaps, implicitly setting the criteria by which all images are, henceforth, to be judged."

"‘The works from Self-portrait as a Building shown in Walking in My Mind span nearly twenty years. Manders describes the project as consisting of ‘objects that relate to language’. Originally, he had planned a written self-portrait, a book ‘without a beginning or end’, which was to be ‘formed collectively by seven imaginary persons in a building’. Eventually, Manders realized that he wanted to work with something more abstract than words, and concluded that it would be better to use objects. ‘Viewers - or readers - of the objects contuct their own thoughts’, he points out, ‘and the result is a self-portrait that is suspended between the maker and the viewers’.’"


You know, at some point, my reading comprehension turns itself off in self-defense, and it becomes merely a pleasing collection of syllables, like a tonal language. Absolutely no information conveyed at all.

I do like of like the anxiety, thing, though. "Part of my work is the fact that you are afraid you are gonna break it. Oshi~"